Jug’s Custom Greyhawk Campaign

For those who know me, they would know I am rule-ccentric, yet somewhat lax, in favor of sub-minimilism and fun factor, and GM of crazy, fun, intelligent games.

I’ve been running a modified 4th Edition game re-engineered for flexibility and simplicity (cutting out unnecessary bloat that stuffs up a game) while adding in more simplified fun elements to make a game more enjoyable. Most games I host are custom created to add story and gameplay flexibility. Even the rules are modified for player enjoyment.

With that in mind, my GM style is half-preplanned and half-improvised, with over 15 years of experience under my belt and an added credential of creative writing.

Right now, I’ve ran a campaign for the Return of the Temple of Elemental Evil in the Greyhawk setting and will be doing a “Waker of the Beast” campaign shortly after.

This is a local-only game and those seeking to play must contact me locally.

ToEE + Waker of the Beast